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About Us

About Arbantika

Based in West Bengal, Arbantika is a well-known retailer and manufacturer of earthen cookware. It centres all of its endeavours on creating pure clay pots and dinnerware, a craft that is dwindling in popularity yet was used extensively in ancient times. As time went on, advances accelerated and lifestyles improved as a result of which, countless facets of daily life changed. The earthen pots on this level have similarly been worn away, and they are now nearing its end.

In contrast, Arbantika is fully committed to bringing back clay pots in recognition of their deep wellness benefits. Eating is a health-promoting exercise. Cookware made of metal seems to perform just as well in the present day as it does in a transitional existence. Even if they require less upkeep, the major problem remains that they fall short of the food’s original nutritional content. The fact goes disregarded in favour of convenience. The use of clay pots has been shown to provide significant health benefits in numerous researches.

Integrating clay pots once more into the royal dining set has been Arbantika’s mission. India’s history dates all the way back to the Indus Valley Civilization. And so, it is deeply committed to reviving the nearly extinct Indian culture. It fervently desires to reintroduce the purest form of Indian tradition into the contemporary setting, one that can be applied to and tailored to the more affluent way of life. Arbantika takes great pleasure in the initiative to protect traditional Indian culture.

What we do

Arbantika creates unique variations of handmade ceramics and clay objects for use in small-scale commercial and household contexts. It prioritizes simplicity, uniqueness, innovation, and artistry. Furthermore, clay is available in a range of shapes and quality. Arbantika’s sole purpose is to build the greatest quality pots possible from pure and high-end clay. It rigorously conforms to anti-toxic emission requirements, and consequently, less polish and chemical usage enables to bring out clay’s incredible natural attributes. Arbantika places a great value on putting forth effort and producing quality items. Skilled Craftsmen maintain the brand’s Prestigious emblem.

The “Arbantika” clay firm was founded offline in 2007, and we are looking forward to promote India on a global scale. Furthermore, from 2011 to the present, this company has also been expanding on an online platform. Arbantika symbolizes the most iconic Indian traditions and plans to establish a presence for clay recognition in a number of nations in the next years. We think that as a consequence of all of wonderful love and support from our clients, our future pottery targets – the work of art produced with gratitude and devotion – will be recognized.

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